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September 17, 2009 - Well it's been a very long time since we've posted anything up on this site and thanks to the new FREE BLOG service offering that Networksolutions.com offers their hosting clients, I think we may have just woken up. So please come check out the new Ivolution BLOG.

April 24, 2008 -
FINALLY, we've decided to start working on our site again. It's amazing, you find all these SEO websites and neither of them run their own company sites that well. I suppose it's the old saying isn't it, "A cobbler always has holes in his shoes".

Some great news though, TODAY was the official launch of the Ivolution SEO talent competition. Are you a new up and coming freelance SEO? Want to win R5000 cash prize. Come check out the SEO Competition page.

Why search Engine Optimization?

According to leading Marketing experts, 85% of the worlds marketing in the next 5 yearsInternet Revolution Marketingwill be web or internet based marketing. Gone will be the days of roadside banners and billboards being the driving force behind advertising. In the world of online casino's and online mortgages 60 - 65% of their business already comes from the Internet and with 60% of that traffic being from Google, what's to stop the rest of the world from following suit. HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO BECOME PART OF THAT! JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

The power of the internet is so amazing.
It allows anyone and everyone to be online 24/7 globally. It's what drives me, it's what excites us and it's why we @ I-Volution SEO have decided to offer our services to those who need it most. In the fast paced world of social networking and online media it's virtually impossible to have a "Search Engine Visible" site without using the services of an SEO professional. I believe that in South Africa, the SEO market is far below what it should be and we're here to change that.

Take a look at our SEO section for more information on Search Engine Optimization in South Africa.

why branding?

Yes the good old debate of branding. Always a topic that's up for discussion when people start a new business. In the good old days branding was never considered a major thing. It was always about getting your business up and running. Once you had the cash flow and once your business took off, then you could worry about branding. Internet marketing and branding has changed the world's perceptions and branding strategies. Once again it's all about brands and branding and your branding budget costs have dropped substantially. Let Ivolution assist you in putting an affordable branding package together.

Books are most certainly judged by their covers and that's the way off the future. Here at I-volution, we take the concept of branding online to a new level. It's our primary focus and it helps us decide what SEO strategy we're going to take into account when developing your site and site SEO package.

For more information check out: Branding and the internet.

why WEB analytics?

Web Analytics and being able to analyze webstats is what separates average SEO optimization firms from specialized SEO firms. It is in your ability to analyze the data that web analytics products provide you with and being able to convert those analysis reports into converted good traffic that will get you to number 1 in the search engine rankings.

Here at WizardMan we take pride in stats. It's something we spend most of time on and it's our way of pushing ahead of our competitors.

WizardMan and his team of Search Engine Guru's use various tools and optimisation sites to monitor your web site and search engine ranking progress 24/7. We use active website alerts that track any changes to your sites and constantly provide us and yourselves with daily/weekly and monthly feedback and stats.

Web Analytics is an essential and integral part of the SEO strategy.

For more information check out: Search Engine and Web Analytics.

why web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is most definitely not a phase. It's here to stay and if anything it's the way of the future with Web 3.0 well on it's way. What is Web 2.0? Well it's the internet today! It's how people communicate how sites have changed and how online marketing has taken on a new form! With applications, widgets, social networking sites, blogs and the like being the new medium of communications and marketing, this is very much one of our core focuses in getting your internet marketing and search engine optimization strategy a CLOUD above the rest.

We focus on blogging, social networking sites and the likes in helping us build recognition for your BRAND and in it assists us in getting your website to the TOP of the search engine rankings which is essentially what you're here for.

For more on this check out: Social Networking and Web 2.0.